wall of interactions

We're all unique and different, That's what makes us who we are. We all have a talent or gift, That will some day take us far.

Some people have the face, Or the body they can display. They depend on their appearance, To get them through the day.

Some people use their strength, Or they have an athletic skill. They get the world riled up, And they give us all a thrill.

You may hear an angelic voice, Or they'll act with such emotion, They keep the audiences tuned, As they perform with such devotion.

Some people may use their hands, For creation will be their art. As they paint, sculpt, or build A masterpiece to set them apart.

Others may have a gifted mind, And have intellect for all to share. The power can be unlimited, So they'll have enough to spare.

Some people use their words, To try to get their message out. When you read or hear what they say, They'll leave you with no doubt.

Others may still be looking, For that talent that's undiscovered. As they search deep down inside, It will surely be uncovered.

We are all beautiful people, In our own unique and special way. Everything about us is a gift, That we must express everyday.

Jon M. Nelson