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A salutation to the strength of Life - female and male!

I am taking my interest in the human spirit a step further, inspired and encouraged by the Walt Whitman poem “I sing the body electric”. I brought my camera and friends to this electrifying place for interaction between the energies of female, male and nature.

Visiting the fire zone at Ängelsberg ... a surreal environment, burnt and devastated forest as far as the eye can see.
Difficult grasping, but can perceive the inferno of fire that must have run amok, bringing down everything in its path, made the green and life into ashes. A previous vibrant place where everything in moments became a landscape of withered trees, rocks cracked by the heat, blackened soil...
But I also met Mother Nature's great supremacy. A force that bestows confidence and trust ... From the charred remains of a forest once so vibrant green shoots again. Flowers takes back its natural place next to what once was dead. Life will yet again become and be...

How abundant our planet is!