Twirling Shadows at Mälsåker Slott

Counting down and preparing my first photo exhibition. Looking forward presenting a series of images, one chapter from my long-term photo project Soul Shadows.

The exhibition is named Twirling Shadows and will be displayed at Mälsåker Slott this summer. The exhibition is a tribute to the feminine, the graceful, the subtle and fragile in interaction with the masculine, the rigid and potent. The now in harmony with the past, the perishable and timeless in one and the same movement. A tribute, where the visibly damaged and destroyed takes back its rightful place, albeit in another form.

As part of strengthening and deepening the experience my good friend Rosanna Gunnarson will specially compose a musical piece to accompany the pictures Caroline and I created during a cold autumn day at Mälsåker Slott.

I hope I will see you at Mälsåker this summer - this amazing castle in the beautiful county of Sörmland.

Loving Kindness Anand

Peter Anand Ullberg