A visual rite of passage - Photos for inner freedom

A visual rite of passage

Photos for inner freedom

At a time when the tempo of everyday life accelerates, truths are exchanged at a furious pace, where the truth of today is false in the morning, it's easy to lose the balance and the contact with oneself.

In the midst of this hectic existence, we long for being seen and honestly respected as those we are, without worrying about having to respond to negative reactions from the surroundings. But often, for various reasons, fear sneak up on us and we compromise, diminish ourselves and our qualities - adapt to what we think the environment request.

A passion for people

In my photography, my passion, where the meeting with people is central, either in a portrait photography, an event, a spontaneous meeting in the city, with the wealthy and the less fortunate, meetings with unknown souls on trekking experiences in Asia or in the Nordic mountains, a "fine art "photography in the studio or in the nature, I am faced with questions like;

What are we hiding from? Why is it so hard to be sincere in front of myself and others? How do I carry my femininity and my masculinity – and what does it mean? Why is it so hard to naturally relate to my body, my nudity, my sexuality, my beauty, my anger and my strength? How can I recover my rightful place and space? What is beauty and what defines it?

As a photographer I meet women and men who want to regain control over their identity – fully live their physical and spiritual self ... accept and appreciate their body, sexuality, regain their rightful place, live and share qualities with others openly and without shame.

A photo experience

I have a deep passion for watching and being part of people being photographed. The whole process – from the first spontaneous meeting, the planning together, meeting up in the studio or at a location and then the beautiful experience looking at the result – the photos and the energy they create.

People who walk into the studio or location with anxiety, excitement and with a guard up, sometimes a small and sometimes so big. Many asking themselves; is it ok to shine, to allow myself to be and express my beauty, be the best I can and allow myself to love myself?

And then – to see people let the guard down and unfold in front of the camera, to see their beauty shine through... This is a God given gift and a most beautiful experience.

In my photography, and it took me some time, I have come to understand the healing power and the strengthening effects of photography for body and soul. The power to change perspective – to unfold the truth.

Visual Rite of passage

If you, woman, man or couple are curious about a "Visual Rite of Passage" please contact me.

Together we will use the camera as a therapeutic tool, we create images that show a way to see yourself in a new light. To shake off the fake self-image and get to know your own beauty and qualities during a photo session. All tailored to your needs.

The process is spontaneous, joyful, playful, exploratory and intuitive. Together, we create beautiful images, in the studio or at a location, photo art that you save for yourself or share with others.

Photo flow

We meet to talk through the photo session together; we review purpose, expectations, feelings, fears, hopes, concerns and challenges – the images. Together, we decide the conceptual framework, how to visualise. We review how the images may be used.

We decide day and time for the photography and soon after our meeting, we meet again and go through a story board that we use as inspiration during the photography.

In the studio or at the location, we go through the day, talk through thoughts and emotions before we start. And then we begin – slowly, playful and intuitive. We find our way to the photos we want to create.

After the photo session, I make a first selection of pictures. We meet and go through the photos - you give your first impressions, you select your favourites, we delete photos that are not appropriate. Then I finalize the collection of photographs and hand them over to you.


If you find this interesting, please contact me at 070-7487654 or by mail


Loving kindness

Peter Anand Ullberg



Peter Anand Ullberg